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3 Books that everyone who wants to improve should read

DISCLAIMER: I have come to a realization after reading many books on self-improvement. I’m a self-improvement junkie and I sometimes consume information with the belief that consuming it will magically improve myself.

The truth is that if you really want to become a better version of yourself you should sacrifice and work for it every single second of the day. Write down your goals, be clear and work diligently to get better results in your life.

I hope that with this extremely filtered self-improvement book list you’ll get actionable advice that will help you faster than seeking the right books to read by yourself and wasting time reading

The passive mode of consuming and buying media will not help you I hope that you’ll get the drive you need by reading these books:

The slight edge by Jeff Olson

the slight edge cover

If you only read one book from this list make it this one. While the book might feel slow and repetitive for the first half it packs tons of fundamental advice to change your view on habits and start looking at your self improvement journey as an everyday goal that must be worked slowly and constantly to see results. 

With all of the actionable tips you’ll get from this book you’ll be able to read or take any book or course on any topic and accomplish your goals easily since your mentality will be upgraded. 

Models by Mark Manson

This is a self improvement book disguised as a dating advice book by the same guy who wrote [link to The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck] .

While the main theme overall is “how to get more girls to like you” the fundamental advice from Mark is to stop searching for validation outside and instead focus on yourself. 

He gives you actionable advice to get a better social life, fitness routine and mentality to start winning more in all the important areas of self fulfillment. 

12 rules for life by Jordan B. Peterson

Much has been said about Jordan Peterson recently but one thing is for certain:

If you listen closely and pay attention to his general message about life meaning you’ll be able to turn your life around whatever the actual condition of it is right now. 

He walks you trough 12 different life rules that will help you improve as a human being and start looking at the world from a “What can I do to make things better no matter how small the change can be?” kind of way. 

I think that these 3 books have helped me more than the others and I’m sharing them with you because I really think that if you read them you’ll be able to learn something new and improve your life at least a little bit.

What do you think about them?